Reporter: Dort is close to signing Phil Kruger, and has negotiated a 3-year contract cost of about 15 million euros.

Live broadcast on August 31 news Sport1 reporter Patrick Berger reported that Dortmund was about to sign Werder braume forward Phil Kruger. The reporter said: “Dortmund is about to sign the 30-year-old German striker Phil Kruger. In the past few hours, the pace of this deal has accelerated. This striker has negotiated a three-year contract…
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[Transfer center] Cancelo → Barcelona HWG! | 0.15 billion euros! Gida joint test water Salah!

The football summer transfer is in hot progress, and the live bar transfer center continues to track and report for everyone. Continue to follow up the latest transfer news for everyone today! Thank you for your support for the live broadcast bar. Welcome to pay attention to it. [Date of summer window of Major League…
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Photo Newspaper: if Paris offers 80 million euros +20 million, it is expected to persuade French eagle to release muani

Live broadcast, August 31 news from photo newspaper, Frankfurt may agree to release muani at the price of 80 million euros +20 million euros, thus joining Paris. Muani himself is currently in Paris, and he is waiting for Frankfurt to agree to leave. Photo newspaper said that if Paris raised its offer again on Thursday,…
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Each fan voted for the new 10th of Barcelona, with Yamal ranking first & pederry following

Live broadcast, August 31st News as Fadi is about to leave for the Premier League, the Barcelona 10 he is wearing will also be vacant. According to this, the daily sports newspaper launched a voting campaign to let fans vote for the new owner of Barcelona’s No. 10 jersey, of which Yamal ranked first with…
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Reporter: Palmer is expected to be the last signing of Chelsea first team this summer.

Live broadcast on August 31, according to the reporter Matt Law, Palmer is expected to be the last signing of Chelsea’s first team this summer. According to several media reports, Chelsea is close to signing Manchester City’s 21-year-old midfield Palmer, with a transfer fee of 45 million pounds to 50 million pounds, and the players…
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U15 Guoshao announced the list of U15 Football Championships in East Asia: 11 people from Evergrande Football School and 6 people from Mount Tai

On August 30, more than 30 players and coach teams from China U15 men’s national football team arrived in Qingdao to participate in the U15 men’s football championship held from September 1 to September 8. This time, the U15 men’s national youth team took two winning teams in the men’s U15 Group as the bottom…
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Nashville manager: I am very clear about Macy’s ability to create opportunities. We are doing very well today.

Live broadcast bar on August 31, News American League regular season, Miami International 0-0 draw Nashville, Macy faced the opponent’s tight defense, suffered the first time after the transfer of American League no goal no assist. After the game, Nashville Coach Smith said: “We had already predicted that we would lose possession of the ball,…
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This? Wanda swimming pool wearing bikini + icardy watching tightly! Wanda has N lip prints on her face..

Live broadcast on August 31 news Icardi girlfriend Wanda updated the social media to show his own private photos. As can be seen in Figure 1, Wanda was wearing a swimming suit showing a proud figure, and Icardi stared closely behind her. In Figure 2, Wanda’s face is full of lip prints…

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Lucuku: I’m glad to meet Jose again. I can’t wait to play.

Live broadcast bar, August 31-Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Lukaku received a brief interview yesterday afternoon when shooting in the Roman Empire Square wearing a RedWolf shirt. He said: “I am very happy to meet Jose again, I can’t wait to play.” Lukaku’s contract has been submitted to Serie A, and today the Rome club…
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Chinese foot basket: no big brother

On the night of August 29, 2023, when Yi Jianlian announced the end of his sports career with a microblog, people used all praise to express their respect to the men’s basketball flag star. Among these praises, a more mentioned sentence is: an era is over. After the United Arab League, there was no united…
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