[Transfer center] Cancelo → Barcelona HWG! | 0.15 billion euros! Gida joint test water Salah!

[Transfer center] Cancelo → Barcelona HWG! | 0.15 billion euros! Gida joint test water Salah!

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The football summer transfer is in hot progress, and the live bar transfer center continues to track and report for everyone. Continue to follow up the latest transfer news for everyone today!

Thank you for your support for the live broadcast bar. Welcome to pay attention to it.

[Date of summer window of Major League matches (Beijing time)]]

Premier League: June 14-September 2: 00

Bundesliga: 0:00 from July 1 to September 2

La Liga: June 3-September 2: 00

Serie A: July 1-September 2:00

French A: 5:00 from July 1 to September 2

Sha Telian: July 1-September 15

The following is all the contents of today’s transfer center. The summer window deadline is approaching step by step. Everyone, we will continue tomorrow!

Top 20:16

Here we go! Romano: Cancelo leases Barca agreement, including buyout clause

Top 19:08

CBS: Gida jointly prepares 0.15 billion euro quotation Salah! Salary match Neymar & C Luo


Each body: Barcelona may sell half of Abde’s ownership in 10 million euros, and 3 Spanish teams are interested in


Sky: baleba will undergo Brighton medical examination in the next 24 hours with a transfer fee of 25 million pounds.


Romano: tuhull appreciates that Michael Minai Manchester United has not received an official offer for the players.


Dima: Milan is preparing a final offer for taremy no higher than 20 million euros.


TA: Wolves midfield Nunes strike train to promote the transfer to Manchester City


Dimasio: the Premier League team competes with Turin, Origi, and the players will leave Milan.


Sky Sports: Qatar team duhelle offers a rich offer to Coutino, who is considering


Each body: Leverkusen is willing to quote Abad in 20 million euros, and Harvey wants players to stay in the team.


French media: tuchao, Liga and Saudi Arabia are interested in Azar, but the players are still considering retirement.


Sky: Manchester United has told West Ham that Maguire will stay at Old Trafford in the current situation.


Maca: cuicu Leilia welcomed joining Manchester United, and the club has negotiated terms.


Photo Newspaper: Michael Minai became a hot candidate for the recruitment of Bayern’s No. 6 position


Telegraph: blen Tefal De Chuang young pioneer team history record 40 million pounds quotation Brennan Johnson


Dimazio: Rome CEO arrives in London and will hold tripartite talks with Chelsea and lucucu


Reporter: Forest 9 million euro quotation Fla jodimos Manchester United close to sign chin indel


Sky: Manchester City is expected to raise its offer to Nunes. Wolves are unwilling to sell players below 60 million pounds.


British media: Due to Varane’s injury, Manchester United had no intention to let Maguire leave this summer.


Reporter: Manchester United is considering renting cuicu leilia, but has not yet submitted an official offer.


Romano: Milan will make a verbal quotation for taremy, which will not match the price of Porto over 25 million euros.


Juve Reporter: If heat and Sulai rent to flosino, the lease will be finalized for one year.


Reporter: Forest valued Johnson for over 50 million pounds, and Tottenham Hotspur may have cash + player quotation


Here we go! Romano: Naples 25 million euro sign Lindström reached an agreement


Romano: barleba received Brighton medical examination today and joined on Tuesday, with a transfer fee of 30 million euros.


Reporter: Darman, coached by Gerrard, wants to sign West Ham forward Antonio


Dima: Salema Coles agreed to join Bologna, and the deal may be completed today.


Italian sky: lucucu’s annual salary is as high as 11.5 million euros, and Rome must accept 4 million euros for rent.


Reporter: taremy informed the club that he wanted to go to Milan, and Milan executives planned to negotiate in Porto.


Reporter: If muani cannot be signed, Paris’s Plan B is to introduce a Premier League forward.


Post: Tottenham 50 million pounds to the forest to buy brunnan Johnson, the quotation includes players


Sky: West Ham still regards Lingard as a short-term signing option, and players are training with the club.


British media: Arsenal are paying attention to Pawal & shuls Fadi & Rafinha and are unlikely to join


Coming? Reporter: Manchester City is about to finalize the transfer of Nunes, with a total price of about 60 million pounds.


Official: South Korea’s 21-year-old central defender Li hanfan joined the Danish club China-Japan Delan


Italian media: lucucu wants 9 million euros salary, Rome opens 7 million and wants the Blues to bear 1.8 million


Official: Bayern new goalkeeper Peretz new season wear No. 18 jersey


Dutch media: Paris prepares 25 million euros quotation Eindhoven frontier Bakayoko, Burnley has quoted


Romano: Manchester City’s latest offer of 60 million euros + floating purchase of Nunes, still negotiating with wolves


Luo body: lucucu will depart for London. The boss of Rome is preparing to pick up lucucu in London.


Romano: Maguire is willing to leave on loan, but Manchester United is now difficult to introduce a replacement.


Romano: The Blues are willing to rent cuicu leilia, hoping Manchester United will pay the fee + bear the salary


Romano: Liverpool does not intend to negotiate Salah’s transfer. He is not for sale.


Romano: Holdin is still expected to leave this summer, Arsenal are negotiating with some teams


Market-wide: Juve has a price of 25 million euros for McKenney, which will be considered for sale if it is close to this amount.


Reporter: The Roman loan Lukaku transaction is progressing positively, and the players are expected to be included in the list against Milan.


Romano: Rome wants to complete the lucucu transaction today, 5 million euro rental fee & no forced buyout


Team newspaper: Paris hopes to offset muani transfer fee with EKI Dickies and urges him to leave the team as soon as possible.


Romano: Lazio is ready to complete the transfer of gondoqi today, with a total price of 18 million euros at rent-to-buy.


Skyla: FIBA and Rion quoted 7 million euros and 8 million euros for Clooney, which Milan thought was too low.


Italian media: Juve, Inter Milan, and Rome compete for 24-year-old Monza midfield corpani


Italian sky: Bayern intends to introduce Kalulu to replace Paval, but has not contacted Milan yet.


Dima: lucucu returned to London today. Chelsea and Rome are preparing to finalize the lease today.


Skyla: in the first two Serie A 0-minute appearances, Costich may leave Juve with a summer window whistle


Luo body: Chelsea contacted Juve yesterday to try to sell lucuku again, but was directly rejected.


Official: Jiafu midfield kudos joined West Ham, transfer fee 45 million euros + 10% second transfer share


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