Month: June 2023

Shen Menglu’s half-month note: I am eager to play for my country in the future competition and contribute my own strength.

Live broadcast on August 31, Shen Monroe, who is a Celtics girl, updated the half-month story. She summarized her performance last season and expressed her determination to play for the Chinese women’s football team in the future. The full text is as follows: The moon of the deer is meeting with you again. This month…
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East Sports: Although Shenhua team’s foreign aid will arrive in Chongqing in the future, they will quickly grab red envelopes and send red envelopes in the group after winning the game.

Live broadcast bar, August 31, according to the report of Oriental Sports Daily, after Shenhua defeated Chongqing Tongliang long 2-0 away, and thus advanced to the top four of the FA Cup, the large group of Shenhua, which had been silent for several days, also quickly became lively. In the away game, facing Chongqing Tongliang…
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2023-06-13 0

InfluenceNew York City striker Barquera imitated Ronaldo after scoring: SIU ~

The latest round of the United States federation, New York City 2-0 Montreal. New York City striker Barquera imitated Ronaldo’s classic celebration action after scoring: SIU ~ This action is too popular ~

2023-06-09 0

Romano: dominguos is about to join Nottingham Forest, transfer fee 9 million to 10 million euros

Live Bar, August 31 according to the News of the well-known journalist Romano, Bologna midfield Domingos will receive a medical examination in Nottingham Forest, with a transfer fee of 9 million to 10 million euros. Romano pointed out that Nottingham Forest and Bologna reached an agreement on the transfer of Domingos. The transfer fee was…
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2023-06-07 0

Romano: Manchester City Wolves exchange documents to complete the Nunes deal in the next few hours

Live Bar, August 31, according to the famous reporter Romano, Manchester City and Wolves are already exchanging transfer-related documents. Romano said that after an oral agreement was reached, Manchester City and Wolves were exchanging and checking all transfer-related documents in order to complete the Nounes deal within the next few hours. Nounes has received a…
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2023-06-05 0

Post: Fulham is close to signing Everton midfield ivobi, with a cost of over 20 million pounds.

Live Bar, August 31-The Daily Mail reported that Fulham was close to signing Everton midfield ivobi, costing more than 20 million pounds. On Wednesday night, Fulham negotiated with the 27-year-old player with one year left on the contract on the transfer fee, including further additional terms. Ivobi transferred from Arsenal to Everton in 2019, and…
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