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Post: Fulham is close to signing Everton midfield ivobi, with a cost of over 20 million pounds.

Live Bar, August 31-The Daily Mail reported that Fulham was close to signing Everton midfield ivobi, costing more than 20 million pounds. On Wednesday night, Fulham negotiated with the 27-year-old player with one year left on the contract on the transfer fee, including further additional terms. Ivobi transferred from Arsenal to Everton in 2019, and…
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Shanghai media sorted out the 6th chairman of the Super League: the first two were sentenced to 10 years, and the last four were all settled this year.

Live broadcast bar, August 31 news after Liu Jun was investigated, the surging News Network published a document to sort out the six chairman of the Chinese Super League company, among them, the first two nanyong and Yang Yimin were both sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison, and the latter four were…
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2023-05-31 0

The world sports inventory missed the Champions League top three teams: Premier League top three + Juve + Ajax, with a total of 14 championships in the five teams

Live broadcast, August 31. At present, 32 teams in the Champions League in the new season have all been released. The World Sports Daily made an inventory of the top teams who missed the Champions League in the new season, including Liverpool in the Premier League big6 (1976, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005, 2019), chelsea (2…
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World body: Barcelona hopes to solve the registration problem of Garvey’s renewal as soon as possible to avoid future troubles

Live broadcast on August 31, Barcelona hopes to solve the registration problem of Garvey’s renewal as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary worries, according to Spain’s “World Sports News. There are still several unregistered players in the Barcelona array, including Penia, Inigo-Martínez and others. Among them, Garvey’s problem is that Barcelona should give priority to…
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Old generals: summer window makes Milan stronger. They will compete with Inter Juventus Naples for the Serie A champion.

Live broadcast, August 31st News when interviewed by reporters, Milan’s old General Di Gennaro looked forward to the new Serie A season. He said: “First of all, I would like to congratulate Milan, because they successfully established a young team with rich experience in the competition after selling tonali sadly in their spit. Pulisic and…
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Journalist: if the price is right, Bayern is willing to sell herafenbach to Liverpool

Live Bar, August 31, according to the reporter Maximilian Koch, Bayern is willing to sell herafenbach to Liverpool if the price is appropriate. On Maximilian, Koch updated the news of Bayern’s transfer on social media. He Said Bayern was willing to sell Hera finbech, the team’s midfield, to Liverpool if the price was right. At…
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Writing History: Antwerp entered the Champions League round 66 years later!

The champion of Bijia, Antwerp, successfully defeated AEK Athens in the play-off of the Champions League qualifier and advanced to the Champions League in the new season. This was their second time to participate in the Champions League in young pioneer team history. The first time was the distant 1957/58 season. At that time, it…
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Is Salah really alone? He is still the second best assist machine in young pioneer team history.

For Liverpool, Salah is the most important trump card on the offensive side. He can not only continuously score goals, but also is an extremely important assist machine. If Liverpool eventually lose the Egyptian attacker this summer, perhaps the entire offensive end will be paralyzed. Andy Jones, author of The Athletic, analyzed this. Speaking of…
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Rena talks about the Champions League: Personally, I want to touch Real Madrid and see my old friend Bellingham

Live broadcast on August 31 news the draw ceremony for the Champions League group match in the new season will be held tonight. Several Dort players expressed their views on the Champions League in the new season. Do you prefer the team to be divided into the death group or the weaker group? Bensabini: death…
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Senbao talked about Nanye’s failure: not only the recent state, but also the previous performance should be taken into account.

Live broadcast, August 31 news today, Japan team announced the latest big list, and the recent outstanding Nanye Tuo Shi and great force Yong also continued to lose the election. After the announcement of the big list, senbaoyi talked about the reasons for not recruiting players when accepting questions from reporters on the spot. Sen…
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