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[Transfer center] Cancelo → Barcelona HWG! | 0.15 billion euros! Gida joint test water Salah!

The football summer transfer is in hot progress, and the live bar transfer center continues to track and report for everyone. Continue to follow up the latest transfer news for everyone today! Thank you for your support for the live broadcast bar. Welcome to pay attention to it. [Date of summer window of Major League…
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2024-02-07 0

U15 Guoshao announced the list of U15 Football Championships in East Asia: 11 people from Evergrande Football School and 6 people from Mount Tai

On August 30, more than 30 players and coach teams from China U15 men’s national football team arrived in Qingdao to participate in the U15 men’s football championship held from September 1 to September 8. This time, the U15 men’s national youth team took two winning teams in the men’s U15 Group as the bottom…
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2023-09-28 0

Telegraph: Tottenham Hotspur considers the quotation Gallagher and will officially quote Brennan Johnson

Live Bar, August 31, according to The Daily Telegraph, Tottenham Hotspur considered quoting Chelsea midfield Gallagher and would officially quote Brennan Johnson. Chelsea is about to sign Palmer from Manchester City. The club hopes that he will play the 10th and right position, which is also the position Gallagher can play. The Daily Telegraph said…
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2023-07-24 0

Journalist: if the price is right, Bayern is willing to sell herafenbach to Liverpool

Live Bar, August 31, according to the reporter Maximilian Koch, Bayern is willing to sell herafenbach to Liverpool if the price is appropriate. On Maximilian, Koch updated the news of Bayern’s transfer on social media. He Said Bayern was willing to sell Hera finbech, the team’s midfield, to Liverpool if the price was right. At…
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2023-05-19 0

Barcelona’s Champions League signing in the past 10 years: it has met Bayern for two consecutive years, and it has been drawn to Inter Milan three times in the past 10 years.

Live broadcast on August 31 news the draw of the Champions League group will be held tonight. World sports newspaper reviewed the draw results of Barcelona’s Champions League group match in the past 10 years. As the champions of La Liga, Barcelona belongs to the first team in this draw. In the group, Barcelona may…
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