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Reporter: Dort is close to signing Phil Kruger, and has negotiated a 3-year contract cost of about 15 million euros.

Live broadcast on August 31 news Sport1 reporter Patrick Berger reported that Dortmund was about to sign Werder braume forward Phil Kruger. The reporter said: “Dortmund is about to sign the 30-year-old German striker Phil Kruger. In the past few hours, the pace of this deal has accelerated. This striker has negotiated a three-year contract…
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Shen Menglu’s half-month note: I am eager to play for my country in the future competition and contribute my own strength.

Live broadcast on August 31, Shen Monroe, who is a Celtics girl, updated the half-month story. She summarized her performance last season and expressed her determination to play for the Chinese women’s football team in the future. The full text is as follows: The moon of the deer is meeting with you again. This month…
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East Sports: Although Shenhua team’s foreign aid will arrive in Chongqing in the future, they will quickly grab red envelopes and send red envelopes in the group after winning the game.

Live broadcast bar, August 31, according to the report of Oriental Sports Daily, after Shenhua defeated Chongqing Tongliang long 2-0 away, and thus advanced to the top four of the FA Cup, the large group of Shenhua, which had been silent for several days, also quickly became lively. In the away game, facing Chongqing Tongliang…
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World body: Barcelona hopes to solve the registration problem of Garvey’s renewal as soon as possible to avoid future troubles

Live broadcast on August 31, Barcelona hopes to solve the registration problem of Garvey’s renewal as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary worries, according to Spain’s “World Sports News. There are still several unregistered players in the Barcelona array, including Penia, Inigo-Martínez and others. Among them, Garvey’s problem is that Barcelona should give priority to…
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The Mirror shows the best and worst luck of the Premier League’s four teams in the Champions League: Milan appeared four times and Bayern three times

Live Bar, August 31 news the draw ceremony for the Champions League group match in the new season will be held tonight. The Daily Mirror lists the best and worst luck of four Premier League teams in the Champions League. Manchester United Best shipment: Feyenoord, Manchester United, Red Star Belgrade, Bern youth Worst shipment: Bayern,…
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