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Nashville manager: I am very clear about Macy’s ability to create opportunities. We are doing very well today.

Live broadcast bar on August 31, News American League regular season, Miami International 0-0 draw Nashville, Macy faced the opponent’s tight defense, suffered the first time after the transfer of American League no goal no assist. After the game, Nashville Coach Smith said: “We had already predicted that we would lose possession of the ball,…
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InfluenceNew York City striker Barquera imitated Ronaldo after scoring: SIU ~

The latest round of the United States federation, New York City 2-0 Montreal. New York City striker Barquera imitated Ronaldo’s classic celebration action after scoring: SIU ~ This action is too popular ~

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There is also a Chinese stomach? Moise media: the famous Beijing roast duck is so delicious!

Live broadcast bar, August 31 news yesterday, Taishan foreign aid Moisse updated the media and showed the dynamics of tasting roast duck. At present, moisses is preparing for the 1/4 final of the FA Cup against Guoan tonight with the Taishan team in Beijing. Yesterday, he showed out the dynamic of preparing to taste roast…
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Market-wide: Sensi is determined to stay in Inter-Milan, and the two sides will negotiate for renewal after summer window is closed.

Live broadcast on August 31 according to the whole market report, Sensi confirmed that he would stay in the team, and Inter Milan would negotiate with him to renew the contract after summer window. According to the report, although Inter Milan still wants to sign a new midfield, it will not change Sensi’s position in…
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Reporter: Milan’s negotiation to introduce taremy is deadlocked and will make the final attempt.

Live broadcast bar, August 31, according to the report of Relevo celebrity Matteo Moretto, Milan encountered problems when introducing Porto striker Taremi, and the negotiations reached a deadlock. Moretto wrote: “Milan’s negotiations on the introduction of taremy were deadlocked late yesterday afternoon due to economic problems. The problem stems from the change of terms, including…
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