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Post: Atletico Madrid re-joined the competition for Hoebel, Manchester United also hopes to introduce him

Live broadcast on August 31, according to the post, Atletico Madrid has resumed negotiations with Tottenham Hotspur to discuss the deal of the midfield player hoiber, and contains mandatory buyout clauses. Negotiations are still going on, with a total cost of about 40 million pounds. Manchester United was also passed on to Huo yibier. RED…
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2023-07-23 0

Romano: dominguos is about to join Nottingham Forest, transfer fee 9 million to 10 million euros

Live Bar, August 31 according to the News of the well-known journalist Romano, Bologna midfield Domingos will receive a medical examination in Nottingham Forest, with a transfer fee of 9 million to 10 million euros. Romano pointed out that Nottingham Forest and Bologna reached an agreement on the transfer of Domingos. The transfer fee was…
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2023-06-07 0

Shanghai media sorted out the 6th chairman of the Super League: the first two were sentenced to 10 years, and the last four were all settled this year.

Live broadcast bar, August 31 news after Liu Jun was investigated, the surging News Network published a document to sort out the six chairman of the Chinese Super League company, among them, the first two nanyong and Yang Yimin were both sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison, and the latter four were…
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2023-05-31 0

Old generals: summer window makes Milan stronger. They will compete with Inter Juventus Naples for the Serie A champion.

Live broadcast, August 31st News when interviewed by reporters, Milan’s old General Di Gennaro looked forward to the new Serie A season. He said: “First of all, I would like to congratulate Milan, because they successfully established a young team with rich experience in the competition after selling tonali sadly in their spit. Pulisic and…
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2023-05-20 0

Dong Lu talks about China men’s basketball: the only feeling is that at this stage, Chinese people cannot play complicated basketball.

Live Bar, August 31 when commenting on China’s men’s basketball performance, commentator Dong Lu said that Chinese people cannot play complicated basketball. In the men’s basketball World Cup, China lost three consecutive games in the group match against Puerto Rico men’s basketball. Dong Lu commented: “I have watched a game of men’s basketball in China…
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