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Photo Newspaper: if Paris offers 80 million euros +20 million, it is expected to persuade French eagle to release muani

Live broadcast, August 31 news from photo newspaper, Frankfurt may agree to release muani at the price of 80 million euros +20 million euros, thus joining Paris. Muani himself is currently in Paris, and he is waiting for Frankfurt to agree to leave. Photo newspaper said that if Paris raised its offer again on Thursday,…
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2024-01-15 0

The strongest front line of Serie A in the whole market survey: osmeen Trident first, girolaio America second

Live Bar, August 31 News Rome received a heavy recruitment of lucucu on the front line, and he will form a partner with Dibala. Then the question comes, which combination is the strongest front line of Serie A now? Italy’s “whole market” launched a voting survey, with 8 options, including Trident and double groups. The…
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2023-08-18 0

Romano: Manchester City Wolves exchange documents to complete the Nunes deal in the next few hours

Live Bar, August 31, according to the famous reporter Romano, Manchester City and Wolves are already exchanging transfer-related documents. Romano said that after an oral agreement was reached, Manchester City and Wolves were exchanging and checking all transfer-related documents in order to complete the Nounes deal within the next few hours. Nounes has received a…
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2023-06-05 0

Writing History: Antwerp entered the Champions League round 66 years later!

The champion of Bijia, Antwerp, successfully defeated AEK Athens in the play-off of the Champions League qualifier and advanced to the Champions League in the new season. This was their second time to participate in the Champions League in young pioneer team history. The first time was the distant 1957/58 season. At that time, it…
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2023-04-12 0

Senbao talked about Nanye’s failure: not only the recent state, but also the previous performance should be taken into account.

Live broadcast, August 31 news today, Japan team announced the latest big list, and the recent outstanding Nanye Tuo Shi and great force Yong also continued to lose the election. After the announcement of the big list, senbaoyi talked about the reasons for not recruiting players when accepting questions from reporters on the spot. Sen…
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