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[Transfer center] Cancelo → Barcelona HWG! | 0.15 billion euros! Gida joint test water Salah!

The football summer transfer is in hot progress, and the live bar transfer center continues to track and report for everyone. Continue to follow up the latest transfer news for everyone today! Thank you for your support for the live broadcast bar. Welcome to pay attention to it. [Date of summer window of Major League…
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The strongest front line of Serie A in the whole market survey: osmeen Trident first, girolaio America second

Live Bar, August 31 News Rome received a heavy recruitment of lucucu on the front line, and he will form a partner with Dibala. Then the question comes, which combination is the strongest front line of Serie A now? Italy’s “whole market” launched a voting survey, with 8 options, including Trident and double groups. The…
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