U15 Guoshao announced the list of U15 Football Championships in East Asia: 11 people from Evergrande Football School and 6 people from Mount Tai

U15 Guoshao announced the list of U15 Football Championships in East Asia: 11 people from Evergrande Football School and 6 people from Mount Tai

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On August 30, more than 30 players and coach teams from China U15 men’s national football team arrived in Qingdao to participate in the U15 men’s football championship held from September 1 to September 8.

This time, the U15 men’s national youth team took two winning teams in the men’s U15 Group as the bottom of the class, and supplemented the excellent players of other teams. The coach and technical team are composed of the technical experts team of the Chinese Football Association and the coach team of the winning team of the China Youth Competition. The coach of this team is Yasuo Nakamura, the head coach of U15 team of Evergrande Football School.

In the early stage, through the evaluation and assessment of many training camps and related events by the Chinese Football Association selection Expert Group, a total of 46 players of 2008 age were selected into the Chinese Football Association U15 men’s elite player training camp held in Tangshan in August 20-30. During the training camp, the technical team focused on the team’s technical and tactical content at both ends of the offensive and defensive, focusing on the formation of the national youth team and the actual situation of the competition, and further strengthened the overall technical and tactical running-in of the team, and through the team group match and the Beijing Sports University football team to carry out high-quality teaching competition and other ways to test the early training results.

During the same period, the training camp technical team and the Chinese Football Association selection expert group conducted an overall evaluation on the training of the players, comprehensively considering the player’s personal position, technical characteristics, related factors such as physical condition and the tactical deployment of the follow-up competition will finally determine that 20 players with the best comprehensive ability and potential for development will enter the competition list.

The U15 men’s football team from 9 countries and regions of the East Asian Football Federation participated in the U15 men’s football championship. China and South Korea, Macao, Mongolia, Northern Mariana Islands and other five national or regional teams were divided into Group A. The first two teams in the group match entered the semi-final. According to the schedule, the first battle of the Chinese team will be against Macao, China on September 1st, and the final will be held at Qingdao youth stadium on the evening of September 8th.

China U15 men’s national youth team players list:

1-Zhang Xiaoxi Hengda foot School

2-Han Yi hengheng Dazu School

3-du Junhao Shandong Taishan

4-Shang Tianyu Shandong Taishan

5-Zhang Hong Fuheng Dazu School

6-Liu dianlin Hengda foot School

7-Yao Junyu Shandong Taishan

8-Liu jialeheng Dazu School

9-Wang Wei xuanheng Dazu School

10-boniyamin-aludu salad Wood Evergrande foot School

11-Hu xiwenheng Dazu School

12-Wang Geng Ruiheng Dazu School

13-Park Junheng Dazu School

14-Shaoming earthquake Mount Tai, Shandong

15-bian Yulang Shanghai Harbor

16-Yang Qian Dongheng Dazu School

17-Li Xiang Shandong Taishan

18-Wang Yi Shandong Taishan

19-Yang Shuo Qingdao football club

20-Liu Zhenyi Changchun Yatai

2023 East Asia FIFA U15 men’s football championship schedule


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